Currently recruiting!

The UCD Cancer Data lab are currently looking to recruit computational biology postdocs. We are a supportive and collaborative interdisciplinary research group based in the Conway Institute in University College Dublin. We are broadly interested in understanding how mutations in cancer alter molecular interaction networks and in identifying ways to target these alterations therapeutically. We have a particular interest in identifying and and understanding synthetic lethal interactions in cancer. You can read more about areas of specific research interest here.

The ideal candidate for these roles will have good programming and analytics skills and prior experience in the use of data-integration approaches to understand biology. Prior experience of cancer biology or genetic interactions is a plus, but certainly not a prerequisite for the roles.

A formal job advertisement will follow on the UCD vacancies site. If you are interested in applying, please send a CV and brief letter of motivation to

Selected relevant publications

Fellowship Support

We are always interested in supporting applications for fellowships from applicants with an interest in our research. If you are interested in joining the lab, please send Colm an email with details of your research interests.

For postdoctoral candidates, it’s worth investigating following schemes:

For PhD students:

  • Irish Research Council typically have an annual funding call
  • Additionally, UCD School of Computer Science have regular calls for PhD Scholarships. The UCD School of Computer Science PhD fellowships are only suitable for those with strong computational / data science skills, while other fellowships are open to those from different academic backgrounds (e.g. those with a primary degree in biology).