Swathi's paper on the influence of antibody quality on mRNA-protein correlations

Swathi’s RPPA paper

Congrats to Swathi on the publication of her work to understand the influence of antibody quality on the mRNA-protein correlations observed in tumour cohorts.

A quarter of the antibodies used in The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) RPPA profiles are labelled ‘Use with Caution’, but their protein measurements are still widely used in systematic analyses. In this new paper we show that measurements from these antibodies result in lower mRNA-protein correlations and poorer agreement with mass-spectrometry quantification.

This paper is part of Swathi’s ongoing efforts to understand the how the observed relationships between mRNA and protein abundances are influenced by technical factors.

The paper is out in its final form in Life Science Alliance here. If you read the earlier preprint the primary addition is a new section where we attempt to predict which proteins will be labelled ‘Use with Caution’.

You can read Swathi’s tweetorial about the paper below:

Colm J. Ryan
Colm J. Ryan
Assistant Professor