Swathi's paper on the relationship between mRNA and protein abundances

Swathi’s presentation on JRNLclub

Everyone knows that there is an imperfect correlation between mRNA and protein abundances. In Swathi’s recent paper we analysed how much measurement (ir)reproducibility contributes to this.

We found that some proteins are more reproducibly quantified than others and that in general reproducibly quantified proteins tend to have higher mRNA-protein correlations. Overall variation in measurement reproducibility accounts for a substantial fraction of the unexplained variation between mRNA and protein abundances. You can read the full paper here.

As part of the work we have put together an aggregated protein reproducibility score that we think will be useful for prioritising proteins whose abundance can be reproducibility quantified.

Swathi has also put together a short video presentation of the work for JRNcLub here.

You can read also read the original tweetorial about the paper below:

Colm J. Ryan
Colm J. Ryan
Assistant Professor