Congratulations to Dr. Swathi Upadhya

Congratulations to Dr. Swathi Upadhya, who successfully defended her thesis ‘On the predictability and prediction of protein abundances in tumours’ on December 12th.

Barbara’s paper on homozygous deletions of paralogs in cancer

Congrats to Dr. Barbara De Kegel on the publication of her work to understand how the dispensability of paralogs shapes homozygous deletion patterns in tumors.

Swathi’s paper on the influence of antibody quality on mRNA-protein correlations

Congrats to Swathi on the publication of her work to understand the influence of antibody quality on the mRNA-protein correlations observed in tumour cohorts.

Congratulations to Dr. Thomas Lefeivre

Congratulations to Dr. Thomas Lefeivre, who successfully defended his thesis ‘Investigation of the functional interplay between signalling pathways and epigenetic factors in acute leukaemia’ on April 18th.

Cosmin’s paper on using Gene Regulatory Networks to predict gene essentiality in cancer

Gene regulatory networks (GRNs) are widely used to understand how driver mutations in tumours alter transcriptional networks and to identify new therapeutic targets. Here, we use genome-wide CRISPR screen data to systematically evaluate the ability of GRNs to predict sensitivity to genetic perturbation in cancer.

End of year symposium - ICBG2022

Just approaching the end of the year, we had the opportunity to present our work at #ICGB2022.

We are hiring!
We are currently looking for computational postdoctoral fellows! More details here Photo above is from a lab hike during COVID times. In Dublin we cannot promise constant sunshine, but we can promise the benefits of living in a capital city coupled with close proximity to the sea and some lovely scenery.
The return of in person conferences!

After more than two years with conference travel halted due to COVID-19, lab members have finally had the opportunity to attend in person conferences.

Swathi’s paper on the relationship between mRNA and protein abundances

Everyone knows that there is an imperfect correlation between mRNA and protein abundances. In Swathi’s recent paper we analysed how much measurement (ir)reproducibility contributes to this.