End of year symposium - ICBG2022

Cosmin giving a talk on the dual role of PRC2 in gene regulation in AML

Just approaching the end of the year, we had the opportunity to present our work at #ICGB2022.

The Irish Computational Biology and Genomics Symposium is an annual event led by students that brings together PhD students and experts in the fields of bioinformatics. This year’s symposium took place on December 1-2, 2022, at Aula Maxima, University of Galway.

The symposium aims to provide a platform for researchers to present their latest findings and discuss the most recent developments in computational biology. The symposium also allows post-graduate students to network and collaborate with experts in their research fields.

Swathi giving her talk
Swathi giving a talk on correlation of mRNA and protein levels

Like previous years, our group joined the symposium. Swathi and Cosmin gave short talks, and Narod presented a poster. This was a great opportunity for attendees to learn about our research and to engage with us directly.

Narod presenting her poster
Narod presenting her poster at the poster session.

Narod Kebabci
Narod Kebabci
Ph.D. Student